Sunday, August 21, 2016

Cornerlamp Books In Moorabbin Closing

A couple of weeks ago I visited Cornerlamp Secondhand Books in Moorabbin but it was closed.  Last Friday I visited again as I knew it would be open this time.

But not for long it seems, as the store's lease is up in late September.  And while the owner will be reopening Cornerlamp in a new location in the future, until then the store is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday with all books half price.

Here's some snaps I took while in the store.  If you're looking for some quality books at a cheap price definitely make a visit to Station Street in Moorabbin before the door closes for good in five weeks time.  There's heaps of pulp crime novels, thrillers, Australian literature, science fiction and everything in-between.

Monday, August 08, 2016

A Visit To Fully Booked

On Saturday afternoon my wife and I found ourselves in Coburg. And because we had the opportunity we decided to quickly visit Fully Booked in Thornbury.

As I entered the store I was immediately greeted by the owners, Rallou and Tadhg.  These guys are easily the most enthusiastic and passionate secondhand book store owners in Melbourne. The store is really well organised, has a huge variety of books and always seems to be have new stock on the shelves. 

I headed to the "SpyFi" section at the back of the store and managed to find four Bond novels; two by Fleming and two by Gardner.  Unfortunately I had them all.

I then made my way to the "Bond, James Bond" section in the Film category.  Here I found a really nice copy of John Pearson's "James Bond 007: The Authorised Biography" which I immediately purchased.  I almost bought this same edition in Vancouver back in 2013 but was concerned about the book's weight in my suitcase so I reluctantly had to let it go.  So this copy, with a fantastic dust jacket, was a great find.

Finally, Rallou showed me a phamplet for a book fair in Abbotsford in October.  I'll definitely try to visit this one.  Thanks guys.  

Friday, August 05, 2016

Lions Club Book Sale This Weekend In Glen Waverley

I've just returned from a book sale organised by Lions Australia in Glen Waverley, VIC.  The sale is on till 4 today and midday tomorrow.  The books were all second hand, in great condition, really cheap and amazingly well organised.  No luck for me today although I did find a couple of Bonds by Jeffery Deaver and Sebastian Faulks.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

"Trigger Mortis" Paperback In Oz Stores

The latest edition of "Trigger Mortis" by Anthony Horowitz is now available on Australian book shelves.  This paperback edition, published by Orion, has a great cover design by Keenan.  My wife and I visited several book stores today before finally purchasing this copy at Thesaurus Books in Brighton.

Considering there were no book purchases for for the first five months of this year, July has proven to be a great month for new books to this website.

While driving home I noticed this billboard on Nepean Highway and quickly did a U-turn to take this photo.

On another note, I visited Out Of Print Books etc. in Caulfield the other day.  It was great to see several other customers in the store.  As usual they had at least 10 Bond paperbacks but none for me this time.

I also visited Cornerlamp Secondhand Books in Moorabbin.  Unfortunately there are signs on the window explaining the lease is ending soon.  Hopefully that just means this store will be moving and not closing down.

And just one last thing... while at Thesaurus Books today the girl behind the counter, Kate, recognised me and brought out a coffee book she thought I might be interested in; a copy of The James Bond Archives.  Obviously I've seen this on the web but not physically.  I had a quick flick through and it looks great so I may have to consider purchasing this in the future.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Roald Dahl Is Alive And Well In Melbourne

Despite passing away in 1990, Roald Dahl currently seems more popular than ever.  Steven Spielberg's "The BFG" based on the Dahl book has proven to be successful at the cinemas (unlike some other Dahl book adaptions to screen).  While at The Princess Theatre here in Melbourne the stage play "Matilda" has been continually performing to full houses.

This afternoon my wife, her sister, Jean-Claude, Brownie and I met in the City to see why "Matilda" is so popular.  And now we know.  It was fantastic fun, the sets were great, the girl who played the main protagonist was brilliant and Australian Tim Minchin deserves every award he received for his contribution to the songs.  If you haven't already seen this stage play you should definitely catch it some time soon

Just prior to "Matilda" my wife and I managed to visit the City Dymocks store.  In doing so I was able to pick up a copy of Steve Cole's "Heads You Die" as well as finally purchasing a copy Charlie Higson's "By Royal Command" with the new Young Bond logo.  This latter book completes my set of this series of books. 

Just before I go, here's a snap I took of the stage this afternoon.  And for those younger readers unaware of why I'm mentioning Roald Dahl so prominantly on what is in essence a blog about the character James Bond, Dahl was involved in two screen adaptions of Ian Fleming books. The first was the Bond film "You Only Live Twice" and the second was "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang".

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hobart Book Hunt - Part 2 of 2

Following on from yesterday's blog entry, here's Part 2 of details of my recent book hunt in Hobart, Tasmania with my wife.

Fullers Bookshop in Hobart is a brilliant independent store selling new books and always seems to be packed with customers.  I had a quick look but couldn't find any Bond novels on this visit.  However that's not to say they didn't have any on their shelves, I was just eager to visit other book stores too.

I then made my way to Dymocks.  This horse drawn carriage shows tourists the sights of the City.

Dymocks had several Bond paperbacks on their shelves, as well as a copy of the latest Young Bond book released by Steve Cole - "Heads You Die".  It was the first time I've physically seen this book.  I didn't end up buying it though, preferring to purchase it after I returned to Melbourne as I feared it would get damaged in my hand luggage on the plane.

Next I returned to the hire car and drove to "Swan's Moonah Bookshop", in Moonah.  This store is linked to "Tolhurst's Down-Under Bookshop", and the owner, Gary, had called ahead to let them know I was coming to look at their Bond paperbacks.

As you can see they had a few Bond paperbacks.

And then to my amazement I found a copy of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" by Pan Books on the shelf with purple title text on the cover.  I've been looking for a copy like this for years so I quickly purchased it.  Normally the title text is green except for the first three printings.  This edition is a third printing.  First printings often sell for $100's on the web (see the start price below of a current eBay auction).   I'm still after that elusive first printing as occasionally the title text even appears to be blue in images on the web.  I'm just not prepared to pay that much for it.

On leaving this store, and feeling very chuffed, I ventured over the road to a shop selling models.  There I purchased this scale model reproduction of Tracy's Mustang from "OHMSS".  I've seen it around but decided today was the day to finally buy it.    (I also managed to bargain the price down a little too.)  As many would know this car was available with the part-works series the "James Bond Car Collection".  I now have three models in this series but am only concentrating on the "OHMSS" film.

On Saturday morning my wife and I walked to Salamanca Market.  As usual there were several book stalls selling second-hand books, and I managed to find the Bond novels shown.  Unfortunately I already had them though.

On Saturday night we went to the State Cinema to see "Hunt For The Wilderpeople" (it was actually good fun) and while there visited the adjoining "State Cinema Bookshop".  This was the last book store I visited while in Hobart.

And now for some non-book related snaps of Hobart:

Here's the view of Constitution Dock from our hotel and some other photos while walking around it.  Despite it currently being Winter here in Oz the weather was like this every day we were there.

Here's a typical view of the bush at the base of Mt. Wellington taken while my wife and I were on a short hike.

A photos of the summit of Mt. Wellington from where we had great views of Hobart.

There was even enough snow at the summit for visitors to make snow men and have snow fights.

And more snow/ice by the side of the road as my wife and I drove back down the mountain.

In summary, we had another great break in Hobart, and I was also fortunate to pick up an elusive Pan Book and a scale replica car.  So if you're ever visiting Oz, as I always say, you have to visit Tassie.